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8 thoughts on “Angels Feedback

  1. Lyn

    I knew of stories where you hear of angels are looking over is but I feel special to know that you have a personal angel who is actually guiding us her on earth

  2. Kim

    Thank you for the wonderful information ..was looking and I found.

  3. Bridgit

    Thank you for such a lovely site. Does anyone know where I could purchase some nice statues of any of the ArchAngels? I would love to bring a sculpture into my home the peacefulness they care when I see them.
    Much love…

  4. Harita

    Beautiful. Like love..thank you

  5. A C Doshi

    I would love to receive some video relating to Angel Meditation so that I can play this video daily or as and when I feel like siting in Meditation.

  6. Gladys. South Africa

    Thanks for your informative site. I always used to be afraid of angels I thought the are inspired by evil spirits. In fact I was very ignorant and never accessed the power and resources that the univers has prepared for every human being. I prayed asking for forgiveness and promised to make effort to learn more. I have started with my Gardian Angel. I know that he will support me all the way as I grow spiritually. Thanks to you again. Lots of love. Gladys.

  7. Cristina Graziella

    Your website is wonderful ! Very inspired,very useful and very enlightening !!!Thank you very much.
    Cristina Graziella

  8. Betty Sparkes

    I just want to say thank you very much for all this amazing message. ..I’m very grateful. ..i have found more information about the Archangels …how they help us in our life experiences and how to ask them …lots of love xxxx…Betty

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