Angels of Compassion

The lily that is uphold by these angels is an universal symbol of purity and truth.

Force-idea: “Thanks to God´s Grace I look detached and full of love upon all events of my life”

Angelic function: To give humankind compassion and divine grace.

Gifts for human beings: When we feel weak and helpless, they bend down to us full of understanding and sweet temper. They give us hope, self-confidence and strenghten our faith in God.

They awaken the infinite compassion in men. They help us to understand, that divine love is pouring indefatigably over us. They protect us and show our way.

So their grace is not those human compassion, but an plenary power that makes possible to feel empathy for others. It is sublime above all the skills to help those who suffer. The angels of grace grant us Gods´ love as a reality of existence. Then, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation turning our thoughts towards the Divine, the angels of grace help us. They beseech us to be full of compassion and goodness.

We can feel their manifestation easily in situations in which we are bad with somebody but he speaks friendly to us. Or when we are confronted with a problem whose solution is not in sight for us, but suddenly out of a clear sky we get a proof that God didn´t forget us. The angels of grace are with us when we have to surpass dramatical events in our life and they make possible a joyful denouement. Their grace is noticable as a wonder-power that comes directly from God and which allows the angels to help us immideately when we are in danger calling them. If we are not aware of the power of grace this means that we are possessed by egoism. Grace leads us to the infinite light and to the infinite love of God.