Angels of Courage

Courage is a quality based on constant daring, decisiveness, consistency and perseverance. When amplifying at maximum these qualities, the human being can completely eliminate the fear during potentially dangerous situations, remaining calm instead. Having an attitude full of courage allows a lucid analysis of the risks and reveals the necessary means for overcoming or avoiding the traps in our lives; it defeats the self mistrust. These persons will face in a manly way the physical, psychic or moral sufferings, they will head decisively towards fulfilling their goals and, if needed, they will sacrifice their lives if the ideal that they fight for is worth it. The uplifting states of courage, which are full of significance and of a high moral value, are generated by sublime divine principles and feelings like: love for people, feelings of human solidarity with the group people belong to, feelings of brotherhood, etc. Not every courageous action can be positively appreciated, because the moral value of courage depends on the ideal that we relate to. The courageous actions are justified and appreciated if they are serving divine, high, humanitarian, just and altruistic ideals, which are aiming for the spiritual progress. These courageous actions are useful for humanity, they contribute to its divine spiritual progress and therefore they are highly moral.

The courage should not be mistaken with any thoughtless or reckless action which takes place in dangerous and difficult conditions. The one who fulfils a deed without realising the difficulty or the existing danger does not prove courage at all. There are for example deeds which are springing from desperation, satanic mutinous attitude, anarchic rebellion, daemonic adventurous spirit, egotistic bravado, which all are similar to courage in their external appearance, but in reality they are very different from the true nature of courage. These are found mostly in the life and activity of young people. They perform these actions thinking that they prove temerity, without being able to distinguish between these wrong attitudes and courage. Courage is a quality which is formed through education and self-education.

Therefore courage is a feature of a volitional type of the human character, consisting in the capacity of consciously facing the dangers and acting consistently in risky conditions. It doesn’t involve the absence of fear but overtaking it and mastering it completely. Emmerson said: “Never fear anything more than the fear itself”

Courage awakens in us the mysterious feeling of invulnerability; it offers a great energy to our soul and gives strength to our body, leading us to the first step of victory.

Courage is one of the four cardinal virtues and means to be unshakable in danger. It springs from the nobleness of spirit and requires abnegation, the force to impose and the will of assertion. Courage is required not only from soldiers but from each of us. Life is, analogically speaking, like riding a bicycle: to go constantly forward you should pedal with great courage, maintaining the balance at the same time. We all need courage for the life which was destined to us. The standards to which the majority of people try to comply with are dictated by the mass-media. The means of mass information dictate how we should dress, what we should do and so on. It takes a great courage for man to be different, exactly how he/she feels fit. We sometimes need courage to express our opinion.

We ask the angels of courage to help us in taking some important decisions. We can never have the guarantee of an absolute decision; still, at cross roads, we have to decide. To be able to continue we have to choose a path. Each of these paths goes into a strait through which we have to pass so our live can go on.

Jesus says: “Enter through the narrow gate, because the wide gate and the wide path lead to perish for those who choose them.”

We should find our own way; it is not enough to imitate the others. We should be attentive to our path and to assume with courage its choice, even if we start by ourselves. Only on our own path we will grow and reach the true life.

The Angels of Courage can help us to deal with what has priority. There are many situations in the daily life in which the Angels of Courage can help us to do what it should be done in a given moment.