Angels of Happiness

Force idea: I am perfectly aware that happiness is unconditioned and that it permanently lies within my being. In My Heart I can find the strength to always be happy unconditioned.

The Angels of Happiness are represented wearing light-made clothes, surrounded by white doves, symbols for the Divine Happiness. Their being spreads a gentle, euphoric light which comes from their permanent state of unconditioned happiness.

Heavenly mission: The Angels of Happiness spread throughout the whole Creation the oceanic energy of the Divine Happiness.

Earthly mission: The Angels of Happiness help us understand and feel that our happiness never depends on surrounding circumstances or on other people. Happiness comes from the Spiritual Heart, untouched by anything from the exterior, giving us permanent and unlimited access to its greatness.

Because of ignorance, egoism and mostly because of their own mistakes, regular human beings find it impossible to enjoy the continuous state of happiness. In their case, their mistakes, egoism and ignorance keep them away from the perennial(eternal) angel’s banquet. By entering in communion with The Angels of Happiness we get to follow the happiness path through the opening of our heart and our being to the pure and profoundly beneficial pleasures of happiness. Using their help we can amplify in our being the state of happiness through our own purity, gentleness, through our ample opening to all kinds of beauty, through our positive actions and through the wise usage of all our available inner resources.

Most of the beings pursue what we are used to call “happiness”. But there still is a lot of confusion in what concerns the way to gain it. The Angels of Happiness help us get rid of this confusion, which actually is the only obstacle preventing us from getting to this holly state. They encourage us to follow them towards everything which is divine and to take shelter under their full of love wings.

The Angels of Happiness teach us that all the pain generating things are just simple illusions. They consist a diversion which can keep us away from God. The Angels of Happiness helps us feel that there is no gap between us and our Creator, not one kind of separation which might steal our permanent state of happiness even for a moment. Everything is God. In this way unhappiness is impossible.

Another aspect which The Angels of Happiness help us understand is that all the trouble we experience is only a reflection of what our mind cannot manifest. The intention of knowing The Truth is the first step in getting read of the pain generating sources.
This angels guide us back to our real holly inner place within our heart, for the infinite happiness is our actual essence. They encourage us to be satisfied from coming back to our own heart without escaping with our mind from ourselves. By rejecting what seems to be too simple, we are risking to ignore the very thing which could bring us quickly and safe back home, in God’s arms.

The Angels of Happiness help us transform the things we fear into aspects we enjoy in order to make us eliminate the continuous source of pain in our minds. The trouble we face in our existence actually expresses our own choice. However, this trouble can vanish through our firm and clear intention to renew ourselves. There is no complexity in happiness, because simplicity is its main ingredient. Happiness comes from the perception of the fundamental truths. The biggest truths are simple but you can only reach them when you feed yourself with essence.

The Angels of Happiness help us enjoy the vivid spirit within ourselves, which God settled in our beings for holly purposes. He lures us to get into a secret state of happiness, being amazed by the wonderful gifts we can receive as a consequence of our positive intentions. We do not have to go anywhere else, a simple breath, a honest prayer can be a passport for the land of eternal happiness.

We offer you a prayer which can help youachieve this state:

“Our Father, who art in Heaven,
Please bless this moment
In which I want to come back into my heart.
I know that You are very close and I ask you full of humbleness
To help me perceive the heaven within my heart.
Raise me now God and please bring me back home.”