Angels of Knowledge

These angels are shown with the symbols of awareness and joy. Stardust is sprinkled down from heaven, the energy of love. It is the source of inspiration, when our desires and wishes can be made reality. The angels hold the ring of knowledge from which all our awareness comes.

Force-idea: “My sense of inner knowing leads me to the light”

Angelic realm: Angels of the Heaven of Paradise

Angelic function: To give humankind the gift of its deepest knowing.

Gifts for human beings: They can help you to know your truth; anchor your awareness in your deepest knowing; remind you that you always know what is right for you.

The Angels of Knowing helps each one of us find and listen to that part of us which always knows. This is the place where we are completely empowered and whole. This is not the function of the rational mind which understands limitations. It is, rather, something in our deepest consciousness which is tuned to the vibrations of the cosmos and is profoundly aware of all things. When we tap into our deep knowing we bypass our mental framework of how reality is supposed to be. We short circuit our emotions and renounce our negative attitudes towards life. This deep knowing comes from the absolute certainty of who we are, and may manifest itself in voices or pictures or even go beyond images, giving us a direct experience of Self. It is not dependent upon external situations or the imaginings of the mind. It is the strongest possible message, which springs directly from our Soul.

Our sense of knowing may help us realize our purpose in being here on the planet at this time of conflict and strife. This knowing helps us accept what we need to do to let our potential unfold, and make the right choices for our lives. It embraces an awareness that the universe is a benign place and exists to support our being ourselves as fully as possible. This deep knowing is our direct link to the Source.

We can offer our prayers to the Angels of Knowing to guide and assist us in increasing our ability to listen within. These angels helps us recognize the state of our moods and emotions, and when we are re-running old tapes about how life has to be for us, they will encourage us to drop the well-worn script and find the positive and joyful.

The Angels of Knowing stand for total clarity. We are given this gift when we have dismissed unhealthy and unwholesome attitudes about ourselves and our brothers and sisters. A part of this knowing is that we are love itself. Our prayers to the Angels of Knowing can ease our fears and help us open to our centre, which is love and Light. With knowing we can experience certainty and know that we are in the eyes of God.