Angels of Patience

Force idea: “I am serene, calm and peaceful. I accept myself as I am.”

These angels hold a dove, carrying the message they want to transmit to us. Being patient is a divine blessing, which gives us an optimistic view upon life.

These celestial messengers invest our souls with the power of patience. They help us find solutions to the conflicts we go through and to find happiness within ourselves.

The angels of patience are with us in all difficult moments and help us keep the faith that our entire existence gradually becomes as we want it, when we have a brave and optimistic attitude. These angels show us the life lesson hidden in conflict situations that we face; they are with us each time we wish to make a radical change. When we want to give up negative and destructive mental attitudes connected to ourselves, patience is essential. On all authentic spiritual paths, the entire transforming process of the human being requires huge perseverance.

First of all, patience means surrendering our will to the Divine Will. These angelic messengers help us feel that each one of us has a unique place in this world and inspire us to do only what is good.

We ask the angels of patience to help us understand profoundly this spiritual attitude, to help us to always feel the divine love.